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Welcome to the Technology Resources Center!

The Technology Resources Center (TRC) is a multifaceted initiative of the College of Education at Purdue University. It encompasses several functions which together create a focal point through which faculty, students, and staff can explore, discover, and use technology in teaching and learning.

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What people are saying about TRC

"I find myself spending most of my time between classes in the TRC. I love knowing that I can find everything I need for all of my education classes here. Projects are so much easier to finish when the materials you need are all in one place!"

"The TRC is a wonderful resource for me and other students! It is a great place to come and get help with projects with many educational tools right at your fingertips! It also makes a great place to meet group members when working on projects!"

"The TRC is amazing. It is my home away from home. Anytime I'm not in class, I'm here working on some assignment. It has great resources for us future teachers."

"The TRC is the best place to work on assignments as an education major--   the books and resources are there, the computers are there, and best of all, fellow education students are there! I have spent countless hours in the TRC throughout my Purdue years and always enjoy the friendly staff."

 "The TRC is so helpful as an education major. The staff is wonderful...I only wish I had discovered it sooner."

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TRC Featured Equipment 

This month the TRC is featuring the following equipment:

 Computer sitting on a desk in the TRC Description: Dell P4 Desktop Computers
Example Uses: Work on class projects, conduct web searches, check email
Number of units available: 22
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